100 Robots

something of a minor personal project, 100 robots is fairly self explanatory as me attempting to draw 100 robots of varying complexity with limited color palettes, with a few exceptions.
i primarily intend for this to help me with getting nice robot designs out more quickly and to make them more visually communicable via the limited palettes so their bodies MUST be clear.

click on any given robot to see it in full size

the first one

this whole project was largely inspired by daisuke "pixel" amaya's 100nekos, so his work was largely on my mind and this one ended up looking like malco from cave story

tentacle tank? tanktacles???

i like this one quite a bit but i dont have much to say about it. id like to draw it again sometime.

drone dude

originally, this one was intended to be a full bodied robot with the design i had in mind being similar to metal sonic. i got frustrated with drawing the body though and just converted what i had into a simple drone type design.